Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, I am back from a "blogless" summer! A summer of many adventures!
My girlfriend Ann and I rented and drove our first U-haul truck together and unloaded the truck on a 100 degree day in humid Missouri!
Ann and I also had a fabulous "pampering retreat" in Excelsior Springs, Mo. A 100 year old hotel with springs and spas! Luxury for the hard working junk friends! We think this could be a yearly event with more friends
Also, lots of travel to Texas, Boston, Minnesota with my best buddy and hubby, Rick! We love to travel and pick out junk together! What a dream marriage.
Enjoy some of the RE-LOVE pictures from the summer! Loads more to come as we get ready to set-up at the FARMSTEAD FALL FESTIVAL on October 15-16, 2010! More info to come! It will be extraordinaire! Blessings


It took 3 old houses to make this vintage farm table! Now that is RE-LOVE.
1) Old house door
2)Old victorian house woodwork
3)Old porch posts for legs
Oh yes! And one LOVED husband who can put it all together!
SOLD~ Custom Order~

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